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What is Outdoor Footprints?

Outdoor Footprints is a camping and hiking content blog business based in Washington state.

Our mission is to provide users with high-quality, minimally biased camping and hiking-related content that fosters a love of nature as an essential source of a healthy life. We want to cultivate a love of camping and hiking outdoors as essential to a great life. We aim to inspire, entertain, and inform you.

Our core beliefs
are that we steward and protect nature, that the outdoors improves our whole being, and that outdoor activities create community.

Our core values are fostering community, cultivating curiosity, and pursuing care for others and the outdoors.

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Daniel Borkert founded Outdoor Footprints as a registered business in Washinton state in 2023. He also continues to own and operate Outdoor Footprints. To contact him, please email

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